Blake Erik.
Blake Erik.

Christmas Postcards Pack 2018

Christmas Postcards Pack 2018


I started conceptualising a line of postcards for Christmas a month back, and to do that I needed to go back to photographs from Christmases past. When I wrote the captions on these cards, in many cases these photos brought back a lot of memories, many in different countries, celebrating Christmas with different people.

I’ll Never Need a Fireplace

This was from a trip to Korea years and years ago. The funny thing about travelling while younger is that a lot of times I don’t actually remember much about the place, and it’s often with the pictures I took that it comes back to me in fragments. I remember I took this photo on a morning we awoke to fresh snow falling outside of our windows, and I loved the way the snow blanketed the roofs of the cottages perched across the hill from where we were.

Let’s Look at all the Christmas Lights

Last Christmas I headed to Portugal, and the ironic thing about our day trip to Cascais is that Cascais is a popular summer town for Lisboetas and tourists alike on the Estoril Coast. Yet, even in the winter the streets came alive with the Christmas lights hung all around the streets, which lit the evening atmosphere up.

Dance Around to Our Favourite Christmas Songs

There’s something about Germany in the winter that I always associate with Christmas. Maybe it’s the plethora of Christmas markets on the streets and the way everyone goes out and has a drink and laughs with friends and family. For me though, the architecture of the houses and the way there was a light snow covering the roofs made it feel quintessentially Christmas.

Christmas and Chill

Our trip to Kegon Falls in Nikkō was a day trip from Tokyo, and houses what is deemed to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Japan. In the depths of winter though, much of the waterfall had turned to ice. For someone who grew up in a tropical climate and isn’t a stranger to waterfalls, seeing one frozen though was quite a sight to marvel at.

You Still Make Christmas Better Somehow

Ah yes, the time I spent in Barcelona that winter that I moved to Spain. Mind, it wasn’t all rosy as I did get my phone pickpocketed in the wee hours of Christmas morning. Still, where I lived wasn’t far from the University of Barcelona, and I remember stumbling into the campus one day that December and finding, much to my surprise, a Christmas market in the university itself. The halls and architecture were as grand as they were beautiful, and seeing it come to life with festive cheer really warmed my heart. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the courtyard, which is where this photo was taken. Who knew that a year after, I’d be setting up a stall at Christmas markets myself?

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