Blake Erik.
Blake Erik.

Souvenirs from Lisbon Tumbler

Souvenirs from Lisbon Tumbler


Lisbon is by and far away one of the coolest cities I’ve ever visited, period.

Lisbon bursts with life, history and colour.

You see it when you walk down the streets, you see it when you look up and around at the pastel-coloured buildings that have been around for ages, you see it in the immaculate and stunning ‘azulejos’ ceramic tiles that line walls and the ground you walk on.

Interestingly, a unique souvenir to take home from Lisbon is a tangible piece of it’s tinning and fishing history.

Tinned seafood was born as a result of the boom of the national canning industry, and these days these come in the form of colourful tins of all different colours, branding, and logos. As a testament to it’s popularity, there are dedicated souvenir shops in Lisbon to these souvenirs, and walking into one was like walking into a candy store, and the abundance of vibrant colours was a real feast for the eyes.

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  • 450ml

  • 17cm (H) x 8.5cm (D)

  • Full Colour Insert on 180gsm paper with matt lamination

Care Instructions:

  • Use facing up to avoid leakage

  • Paper insert can be removed before washing bottle to ensure long lasting print