Summer (Shirts) Forever

Summer (Shirts) Forever

If like me, you live somewhere on the equator or south of it, the end of the year signals the start of it getting warmer (or it's summer year-round). The best part about the warmer seasons for me is the excuse to get your printed shirts out, and here are three of my favourites.

Photo Apr 30, 3 50 26 PM.jpg

Red Tropicana

Printed Red Tropical Shirt by: Bershka

I can't lie, this is my favourite of the lot which I got on impulse. This Bershka number's also high key the most comfortable.

Photo Aug 14, 3 34 26 PM.jpg

Something Blue

Printed Blue Leaf Tropical Shirt by: A local store in Bali, Indonesia

I low key had a bit of a phase with these printed shirts at a point, so I'd try to get as many as possible, in different colours and different prints. When I went to Bali, Indonesia for a week for my 18th birthday, I ended up getting two from some local shops. This blue one is one of em. 

Photo Aug 14, 2 42 42 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 14, 3 07 19 PM.jpg
Photo Sep 23, 8 20 13 PM.jpg

Got You Flowers

Floral Shirt by: Just Hype Clothing

This is another shirt I got quite a few years back. It's a long sleeve (not that you can tell here), and it's beyond comfortable I feel like I'm wearing cashmere or somethin' nuts. Proof Just Hype can do shirts properly well too. This bunch of pictures was taken at the Topshop Topman Open House 2017 a while back.

Photo Sep 23, 8 08 22 PM.jpg