Bali's Best Cafes: Hearty Brunches in the heart of Kuta at 'Crumb & Coaster'

Bali being this popular with foreign tourists means there's no shortage of cafes, the cafe phenomenon possibly made famous by the Aussies in this part of the world, that has spread to Asia like wildfire. Everywhere you go these days seems to have quaint cafes serving up Eggs Benedict, Smoked Salmon Sandwiches, Pulled Pork Burgers, Avocado Smash and the like, from Singapore to Hong Kong to Seoul.

I had one last day to kill in Bali and fill my tummy before I took a flight out of Indonesia, well technically about 5 hours from when I landed from Labuan Bajo in Flores to my next flight out of Bali.

I chose Kuta just because it's slightly closer to Denpasar, and I can never count on the ridiculous traffic in Bali that is choked to and from Denpasar. 

Enter Crumb & Coaster.

Located on the back streets of Kuta, cars, motorcycles and the like squeeze through tiny alleys where you'll eventually find yourself at the sliding doors of Crumb & Coaster.


Natural light pours in through the massive glass windows, and come brunch time, this place is packed. 

The menu here is extensive and varied, from fruit bowls and salads to wraps to burgers to burritos to brunch favourites like Eggs Benedict.

Most items on the menu are IDR 60 000 to IDR 80 000, which is expensive for local standards of course, but like with many other things, are just a fraction of the price you'd pay for a similar dish in other parts of the world. 

I opted for a more expensive dish, their BBQ "Naughty" Pulled Pork Burger, their signature 6 hour pulled pork in BBQ sauce burger served with Sriracha aioli and a side of homemade coleslaw and fries which set me back IDR 95 000. The burger was scrumptious, and was quite the treat as it was the only burger I had when I was in Indonesia. The pulled pork was delicious and coupled with that BBQ sauce was a deadly combination. 


We also had the Falafel Wrap (they have quite a number of vegetarian options) which was served with hummus, tabbouleh, baby romaine, red onion and tzatziki tahini dressing. 


If I find myself in Bali again, you bet I'll brave the Kuta crowds just to enjoy a fantastic brunch here any day. 

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Sailing in Indonesia Tote Bag

In the island chain of East Nusa Tenggara, east of Bali, Lombok and the Gili Islands, we went sailing around the Komodo Islands with stunning hilly landscapes, powdery fine sandy bays with turquoise-blue waters that look more like a swimming pool than the sea. 

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We headed to Kelor Island (Pulau Kelor) on a boat with a German family with a young 9 year old daughter in tow, where I was planning to just enjoy the beaches, before they asked if we wanted to scale this hill on the island. 

It was supposedly here where one of the Instagram-worthy spots could be found, at the edge of the cliff with the dramatic seascape behind us, but before we could get there, we had to scale this almost vertical ascent up this hill barefoot on a dirt trail. 

It was stunning once we made it up, but the hike to get up and down was quite the journey (if we slipped, we would have fallen off this hill into the sea), and when I finally got down again I'd never felt so safe to be on flat land before, and I saw the boats that we took out here lined up with other boats the other travellers took to the island. 

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With the backdrop framing the boats in the background and the clear seas in the foreground, I thought about how idyllic this looked, and snapped this photograph.

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Dreamland Beach Bali Tumbler

The year I turned 18, I turned 18 while I was in Bali, Indonesia. Known as the Island of Gods, Bali is a destination of many offerings, including some of the most stunning and grand temples, beaches, volcanoes, lush tropical rainforests and secluded villages. 

On this day, I'd asked for our local hire driver to take us round the island in search of the best beaches the island had to offer, and this was one of the places we landed up— Dreamland Beach.

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