Postcards from the Road: Notebook Edition Series 002

Since the launch of the first series of notebooks, I received plenty of requests to do blank pages, so I’ve taken those comments on board and with Series 002, I’ve expanded to blank and dot grid pages beyond the ruled notebooks!

I’ve also decided to double the number of pages as I know many like a notebook that will last them a while, and beyond that, with this series of books I’ve decided to opt for hard covers instead for extra durability.

Also, I’ve given the back covers a little refresh and opted for a kraft paper texture instead and I’m so excited to finally be launching them!

As always, I’ll be dedicating a post to the stories behind the photographs here.

PS. Because the ‘Sintra in the Sun’ and ‘Bondi Icebergs Club’ notebooks from Series 001 sold so well (they were the first 2 designs to sell out!), I’ve decided to bring them back to add them on to Series 002!

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1. Island Paradise in Ko Samui (Ang Thong Marine National Park, Thailand)


An iconic photo of Ko Samui, you’ll find that this view actually isn’t even on the main island of Ko Samui itself!

Instead, as a very popular day trip from Ko Samui, many travellers head to the islands in Ang Thong Marine National Park for a slice of island paradise, Thailand-style.

Before we set sail, I was actually a little worried as the weather was overcast and rainy in the preceding days, and really, an island in the tropics is bound to look it’s best when the sun is shining and the skies are clear and blue.

Thankfully, the good weather pulled through, and it took hiking up one of the total of 5 lookout points on this island to get to this stunning view.

Island Paradise in Ko Samui Hard Cover Notebook
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2. Market Flowers (Flower Market, Hong Kong)


Hong Kong is an intense city.

Fast-paced, constantly on the move, always busy, at times a sensory overload, Hong Kong is a lot and a lot at once.

Yet there’s a place where you can quite literally stop and smell the roses, and it’s at the Flower Market located near the Prince Edward MTR.

An explosion of colour, the smell of fresh flowers permeates the streets stretching several blocks where florists set up shop with plants and flowers of all different species and varieties.

I spotted these just outside one of the shops, and I absolutely loved how vibrant these colours were.

Market Flowers Hong Kong Hard Cover Notebook
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3. Hong Kong City Skyline (Victoria Peak, Hong Kong)


I talked about the fact that Hong Kong’s incredibly fast-paced, and it was admittedly a little overwhelming for a while.

But if there’s somewhere in Central Hong Kong where I got respite from the intensity of it all, it was here at Victoria Peak.

There are several ways to get up to Victoria Peak, ranging from the ever-popular tourist tram, public buses, taxis, or your own two feet!

From up here, we watched night fall on the city skyline and it was plain magic watching the skyline light up from up here.

Hong Kong City Skyline Hard Cover Notebook
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4. Bondi Icebergs Club (Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia)


Of course, I can't talk about Bondi without talking about the Icebergs Club, founded by a group of friends in 1929.

This was the picture I saw on Instagram multiple times which fuelled my wanderlust for Sydney. 

I needed to see this pool for myself.

Ocean pools, or rock pools as they're more commonly known, are a popular feature dotting the coastline, especially of New South Wales. These pools were built to protect swimmers from the strong tides and some dangerous marine life, and the way they rise out of the rocks seemingly as part of the coastline is oddly at home yet not quite at home too.

Seeing this sight in front of my very eyes was so worth it. 

I think I might've taken about a thousand photos, this being just one of them.

Bondi Icebergs Club Hard Cover Notebook
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5. Sintra in the Sun (Sintra, Portugal)


When I spent last Christmas in Lisbon and everyone remarked to head to Sintra for a day, this wasn't the postcard perfect picture I thought I was going to get. Yes, the palaces were jaw dropping on sight, but that I expected, this I didn't.

I took this picture when I headed up the gardens of the National Palace of Sintra, where there was a terrace overlooking the city centre. On the ground, the city centre is nice but not all different from many other Southern/Mediterranean Europe towns, but the view from up top oh man. Sintra made all my small town European dreams come true at that point.

The sun was shining overhead and its rays seeped into my lens, the buildings were weathered but still beautiful, some perched on a hill occupying more of the frame, and the rolling greens of the forest behind. This, I could do for a while.

Sintra in the Sun Hard Cover Notebook
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